Adventures In Moving

So, a couple of weeks ago, we moved. After over a year of searching, we finally found a suitable house. Four adult-sized people, a dog, and a cat moved from a roughly 800 square foot suite into a 2500 square foot home. Finally, we have room, including a proper home office. For the most part,Read More

The Name That Just Won’t Go Away

My brain has been stuck in rant mode for over 24 hours now. Ah, the perils of a public coming out and transition; a transition that will never be “complete” by some people’s standards. If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen me rant yesterday about a PR person who contacted meRead More

When Your Family Cannot Accept Who You Are and the Holiday Blues

I’ve been really angry and upset since yesterday. Like really, really, really wanting to scorch the earth angry. I’ve been needing to get it out but at the same time I’m hesitant because of reasons which may become more clear. I considered writing about it on my super secret blog of which only a handful of peopleRead More

On The Need For Trans* Characters in Video Games

Just some brief thoughts as this is a topic I’ve seen discussed a lot recently, in various corners around the internet. Often, I see discussions about the need for trans* protagonists in video games. As a trans person, part of me doesn’t care because there are plenty of male characters from which to choose. BecauseRead More

A Quick Update In Response To A Reader’s Concern

Today, Patty left a comment on a post, commenting specifically on not hearing from me for a while, hoping all is well and that married life is treating me okay. So, I suppose I should quickly update people on the state of Jules. Things are well, overall. Married life is great. I’m just extremely busyRead More

An Open Letter To LGBT Allies Regarding National Coming Out Day, Plus Same-Sex Marriage vs Same-Gender Marriage

First, I want to preface this open letter by thanking all of my allies; LBGT*, cis, and hetero alike. I receive hate on a daily basis. Knowing there are people who have my back helps. Second, I want to preface this open letter by stating that in this letter, I am speaking on my ownRead More

Name Change Adventures Continue and Sexism Veiled as “Feminism”

My new birth certificate arrived on Wednesday. Today, I went back to Service Canada and Service BC to order new ID with my new name. I also had to go to my cable provider and bank to update my name. For the most part, it was a much better experience than last week. But, IRead More

The FTM Transgender Funk

It happens. For a variety of reasons. It’s normal. I’d probably call a transgender individual a liar if they denied they ever experienced this. I call it, “transgender funk.” This funk can be a fleeting low or it could be a full-blown depression. The causes could be any number of things. I’m currently experiencing one.Read More

Bob Edgar Memorial – April 27, 2013

Bob Edgar was born May 29, 1943 in Philadelphia, PA, the son of Leroy and Marion Edgar. He was raised in Springfield, Delaware County, PA. He graduated in 1965 from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA and three years later received a Masters of Divinity degree from Drew University in Madison, NJ. He also hold fiveRead More

The Impact of Bob Edgar

Few things plunge your world into a surreal fog of, “Is this really happening?” like being woken up, at approximately 3:30 am, by the paralyzed and dumbfounded shouts from your partner stating that his dad, your father-in-law, could be dead. Followed by cries of, “What do I do?!” before your partner heads out of theRead More