Monthly Archives: February 2012

Dealing With The Loss Of Family and Body

The third week of February is my least favourite week of the year. It is a week where wounds that I wish would just heal already get ripped open and bleed as if they were new. It is a week where I just want to hide and do nothing. It is a week normally filled… Read More

Post-GottaCon 2012 Data Dump Continued

The question that was asked of me the most during GottaCon was, “Are you going to be able to enjoy any of the games during the weekend?” My response, “Nope. I’m in the panel room all weekend working.” Most often, that would be followed by, “Then why do you do this if you can’t also… Read More

GottaCon 2012: Making A Note Here

– We received lots of positive feedback regarding the panels and these can be expected to continue. From (share this quote)   On a personal and professional level, this means huge success. For those of you who haven’t been following along, I was the Special Events Coordinator for GottaCon 2012. This meant that I… Read More