Spider In My iPad – The Secret Plot For Economic Disaster

There is a baby spider on the inside of my brand new iPad. I’m not shitting you. In fact, I think there is more than one. The little sucker gets from the bottom of the screen to the top way too quickly.

As I was watching the spider(s) crawl around on the inside of my screen, I had the following thought:

What if it is part of a plot, perpetrated by the Chinese government, to introduce a non-native species of spider into Canada’s ecosystem? The result: Complete devastation of Canada’s environment, leading to economic disaster. We thought the pine beetle was a problem for B.C.’s forest industry. We’ve seen nothing yet.

This post brought to you by the middle of the night thoughts of someone who is overly fatigued and ill. It is utter nonsense, but this is what my brain does in such circumstances.

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