The “Missing” Mother’s Day Post

This is just a quick note to anyone who may be subscribed to my RSS feed.

Earlier, you may have seen a post enter your feed with the title “On Why No Mother’s Day For Me” but it was password protected. Now, you’ll notice that it no longer exists.

Don’t worry. You haven’t missed anything. I created a password protected post to pitch a possible post idea to GeekMom. If it didn’t work there, I would have published it here. Anyway, it works for GeekMom, so it should be published tomorrow.

Once it is published, I’ll do another quick post with a link, so that those who may be interested can read it.

If you are curious as to the subject matter, the first paragraph reads:

Ninety-nine percent of people in my life neglected to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. The result: It was the best Mother’s Day of my parental life.

Until tomorrow.

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