Time To Begin My Gender Therapy Homework

Time To Begin My Gender Therapy Homework

As you learned yesterday, I was given some homework from my gender therapist.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, please read this post before continuing.

Because I have OCD, I finished the relationship contract, and designed the private website, so we are all ready to go! I did this in one day instead of one week, like I previously estimated. I’m fucking Scotty!

Here is the contract for you to read and sign. As signatures come in and I verify our relationship, I’ll send you the first email with the first post.

Thanks again, all you beautiful people who sent me so many messages of support yesterday, over four different platforms, it took nearly five hours to deal with them all.

Seriously, you’re fracking amazing!

Edited to remove embedded form because suddenly they can’t be embedded anymore. UGH

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  1. I would love to go on this gender journey with you. You are never alone. I do peer support work with transgender/intersex people. We all help each other.

    • Excellent, Vickie.

      As soon as I get receipt that you signed the contract linked in the post, I can get you going on the next step

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