A Huge Plea For Help So That I Can Afford Life-Saving Meds

A Huge Plea For Help So That I Can Afford Life-Saving Meds

I’m really not good when it comes to asking for help, and repeating that plea. But, here I am, putting out my hand like Amanda Palmer says we should. It is a hand that is going to go out often because, to be very frank, I don’t want to die. If I don’t find web design and development work, and soon, I have a 95% chance of throwing a clot and having a stroke; 80% chance that I’m going to die. I’m not sure I can properly stress how dire things are at the moment. It’s truly life or death right now.

First the details of my plea before I get to the personal details.

The Plea:

I need to find WordPress web design and development* work. I also work at a very reasonable hourly rate to update content for WordPress sites, troubleshoot issues, and more. Basically, I’m your WordPress guru. In an ideal world, I need one web design job a month to pay for life-saving meds. Otherwise, I need 50 hours of hourly work per month to pay for the meds which I’ll explain in more detail below.

To discuss all that I can for you—a free consultation—please e-mail me via my design company address.

Personal Details:

I have lupus, which is flaring. I also have a blood disorder called antiphospholipid syndrome. One of the many secondary disorders I have is vasculitis, which is also currently in a flare. My vasculitis is starting to affect my extremities and not just my central nervous system. I’ve been on warfarin for a number of years to prevent me from hyper-coagulating and having another stroke. Despite being an a very large dose, the warfarin is no longer working and my clotting time is below that of a normal person. And my veins are now shredded, thanks to weekly blood work to monitor my INR levels.

My specialist and GP want to place me on a new type of drug, off-label: a novel oral anticoagulant. The problem is, it’s very very expensive. My current medication costs are $1, 500.00 per month. I truly cannot afford this new medication. My doctors tried to get special authorization for the government to cover it. They denied coverage because I currently do not have a clot and my doctors want to use it for off-label use. They don’t care about my huge risk factor for developing a clot at any moment and death. My doctors also tried getting it covered through the drug company’s compassionate care program. They, too, declined it because I currently do not have a clot.

I was asked why not do another crowd funding campaign for my meds. The problem with that is doing so would only be a temporary stop measure. I will be on these meds for the rest of my life, so getting work so that I literally live—not just survive—is of the utmost importance.

I’ve been in the ER eight times this year because of how bad things have gotten, and have to see a doctor weekly. I really want this current reality to end.

Please pass on this information and pass it on frequently. It’s a very tough and stressful time for my entire family. We truly need all the help we can get.

*Please don’t judge this website as a test of my work. I’m currently redesigning all of my personal websites. Because this website gets updated so infrequently, it’s on the bottom of my list. I have a large portfolio to show you when you contact me for work.

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    • Thanks, Zahida. If you are insistent on sending something, then you can PayPal to sales at skookummonkey dot com.

      Thanks again for your support.

    • I will contact you in a couple of hours.

      If you do not hear from by say 4 pm PDT, please check your junk folder.

      Thanks 🙂



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