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The Violent History of ‘Tomboy’ and Assigned Female-Bodied Trans People

Warning: If you were assigned female-bodied and are anywhere on the trans spectrum, this post could be triggering to you for everything from trans-antagonism to all forms of overt violence. In this post, I’m going to use “assigned female-bodied trans people” to talk about the experiences of people born with a vagina who fall anywhere on… Read More

Surviving To The Big Four-Oh

On January 9, I will be 40. For some people, they view their 40th birthday with some sort of displeasure. I’ve always looked forward to my 40th. For me, it’s a milestone that I cannot wait to celebrate because it means I survived the worst of the worst. Read More

A Huge Plea For Help So That I Can Afford Life-Saving Meds

A Huge Plea For Help So That I Can Afford Life-Saving Meds

I’m really not good when it comes to asking for help, and repeating that plea. But, here I am, putting out my hand like Amanda Palmer says we should. It is a hand that is going to go out often because, to be very frank, I don’t want to die. If I don’t find web design and development work, and soon, I have a 95% chance of throwing a clot and having a stroke; 80% chance that I’m going to die. I’m not sure I can properly stress how dire things are at the moment. It’s truly life or death right now. Read More

When You Wake Up and Learn Your Government Considers You A Member of a Hate Group

A big part of my brain is currently screaming, “Charge us! Charge the United Church of Canada! Charge Canadian Quakers! Charge CUPE! Charge university groups! Charge millions of Canadians under Canada’s new hate laws and lose yet another case with the resulting Charter challenge! Make yourselves look even more like idiots who do not understand the Charter!” I’m also quite upset. Read More

Time To Begin My Gender Therapy Homework

Time To Begin My Gender Therapy Homework

As you learned yesterday, I was given some homework from my gender therapist. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please read this post before continuing. Because I have OCD, I finished the relationship contract, and designed the private website, so we are all ready to go! I did this in one… Read More

In Which I’m Told To Learn To Trust

Today I had my first gender therapy session. Overall, it went very well. But my therapist (Elizabeth Holland, who I think is fantastic so far) gave me some incredibly difficult homework: rely/lean/reach out to my friends who live various distances away and my only way to “see” them for long stretches of time is via online… Read More

So Much Going On; So Much To Update

There is so much going on in my life at the moment that I’ve seriously neglected this blog space. If people are still reading this, patiently waiting via RSS, you’re awesome. For people coming here from Twitter or Google+, a lot of this may be repeated information. Anyway, some things of note: 1) GottaCon. Yet… Read More