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A Quick Update In Response To A Reader’s Concern

Today, Patty left a comment on a post, commenting specifically on not hearing from me for a while, hoping all is well and that married life is treating me okay. So, I suppose I should quickly update people on the state of Jules. Things are well, overall. Married life is great. I’m just extremely busy… Read More

The FTM Transgender Funk

It happens. For a variety of reasons. It’s normal. I’d probably call a transgender individual a liar if they denied they ever experienced this. I call it, “transgender funk.” This funk can be a fleeting low or it could be a full-blown depression. The causes could be any number of things. I’m currently experiencing one.… Read More

Bob Edgar Memorial – April 27, 2013

Bob Edgar was born May 29, 1943 in Philadelphia, PA, the son of Leroy and Marion Edgar. He was raised in Springfield, Delaware County, PA. He graduated in 1965 from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA and three years later received a Masters of Divinity degree from Drew University in Madison, NJ. He also hold five… Read More

The Impact of Bob Edgar

Few things plunge your world into a surreal fog of, “Is this really happening?” like being woken up, at approximately 3:30 am, by the paralyzed and dumbfounded shouts from your partner stating that his dad, your father-in-law, could be dead. Followed by cries of, “What do I do?!” before your partner heads out of the… Read More

Why Canada Needed The Transgender Rights Bill

Yesterday, the House of Commons passed a very important bill. The Transgender Equal Rights Bill — officially: Bill C-279. An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression) — is not just important, it’s really fucking important. You can read the full bill here. As you can… Read More

I Am NOT a Girlfriend – The Dangers of Misapplying Labels

Sex and gender. Two words that are so often misused in conversation. Misusing these labels can have terrible consequences. These consequences can become even more terrible when other labels used in conjunction with gender — wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, she/he — are used incorrectly when making introductions. Even more so if, for some reason, you are making the introduction on… Read More

The Blame Game and Coping In New Situations

Being a parent isn’t easy, not even in the best of circumstances. Every family has its own share of trials, with new situations cropping up in the most inconvenient of times — which is whenever trials happen. If your family comes with built-in trials, then… well, things can get tricky. I am finding myself in… Read More

My Zombies Have Been Pirated!! Yay?

My Zombies Have Been Pirated!! Yay?

You may or may not be aware that I’ve just published my third book. It is called Five Little Zombies And Fred. This book was made possible thanks to generous donations. In exchange for their donations, they received a number of perks. One of these perks was a DRM-Free eVersion of the book in either EPUB, MOBI,… Read More